Brasted is a village in Kent situated on the A25 between the Towns of Westerham and Sevenoaks. 

George Marchant

George Marchant (17 November 1857 5 September 1941) was an Australian soft-drink manufacturer and philanthropist.
Born in Brasted, Kent, he left England for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia at age 16. He worked as a station hand in the country until returning to Brisbane for employment as a carter in an aerated waters factory, himself purchasing a similar business in 1886.
His soft-drink business eventually became the largest in Australia, with plants in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Newcastle adding to the one in his home city of Brisbane.
He also invented a bottling machine that came to be used worldwide. Marchant was the benefactor of many charitable causes, including providing land in Ann St for the New Jerusalem Church and in Chermside, where Marchant Park is named after him.

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